7 Of Kids' Favorite Clay Animations: Pea Pea, Morph, Play Doh and more

7 Of Kids' Favorite Clay Animations: Pea Pea, Morph, Play Doh and more

Animation has taken the world by storm, entertaining audiences of all ages. Clay animation, in particular, has grown in popularity among children for its unique, captivating, and creative appeal. These seven YouTube channels excel in clay animation and have charmed their way into the hearts of millions of children worldwide.


1. Clay Animation: Play-Doh Official

Play-Doh Official, as the name suggests, showcases the endless possibilities of what you can create with the well-loved and versatile Play-Doh. Their videos bring to life a variety of colorful and fun characters that resonate with the imaginative minds of young children. The channel also encourages children to try their hand at creating their own Play-Doh figures, fostering creativity and motor skills.


2. Clay Animation: Pingu - Official Channel

Pingu is a charming claymation series that originated in Switzerland and has now reached audiences worldwide. This channel features Pingu, a cheeky and lovable penguin living in the South Pole, embarking on various adventures. The wordless dialogue replaced with Pingu's unique language, "Penguinese," captivates the imagination and provides universal humor that transcends language barriers. 



3. Clay Animation: Doggy Doggy Cartoons

Doggy Doggy Cartoons has mastered the art of storytelling through clay animation. The channel predominantly features cute, playful characters in various entertaining scenarios. These wholesome, endearing tales offer valuable lessons to children about friendship, honesty, and responsibility while keeping them thoroughly engaged.



4. Clay Animation: Shaun the Sheep Official

Shaun the Sheep Official, a brainchild of the famed Aardman Animations, follows the delightful escapades of Shaun, a clever and mischievous sheep. The blend of humor and wit, along with beautifully crafted clay animation, make this channel a must-watch for children and adults alike.


5. Clay Animation: Clay Mixer

Clay Mixer is the cartoon for kids that features stop-motion animated videos using clay figures. Each video tells a story with humor and creativity, often featuring popular characters and themes, such as superheroes, animals, and famous movie scenes. The channel is known for its high-quality animation and entertaining content suitable for all ages.



6. Clay Animation: Morph

Morph, created by the legendary Aardman Animations, is a classic clay animation character that has stood the test of time. Morph, a small, cheeky plasticine man, is known for his silent yet expressive communication, which perfectly balances humor and emotion. The Morph channel is a tribute to the enduring appeal of classic clay animation.



7. Clay Animation: Pea Pea

Pea Pea is a YouTube channel catering to children aged 5-12, featuring an alien character named Pea Pea, a cute alien from Mars. When in Earth, Pea Pea embarks many interesting adventures with friends. The unique Martian theme coupled with Pea Pea's heartwarming character creates an enchanting universe that kids love to explore. The channel offers a range of animated videos that are fun, engaging, and educational, aimed at teaching children about the world around them. 

In addition to videos, the channel also stands out for its merchandise with online store named Peapeastore, allowing children to connect further with their favorite Martian. 


These seven YouTube channels exemplify the creativity and versatility of clay animation, offering a plethora of characters and narratives that stimulate children's imagination. Whether your child is a fan of adorable animals, exciting adventures, or aliens from Mars, there's a clay animation channel ready to captivate their interest.

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