The Top Animated Series Made in Vietnam You Need to Watch: Pea Pea, Wolfoo and more

The Top Animated Series Made in Vietnam You Need to Watch: Pea Pea, Wolfoo and more

Animation has transcended geographical boundaries, and Vietnam is carving out a significant niche with its unique and creative animated series. Among these standouts are captivating shows like "Pea Pea," "Wolfoo," "Monkey Cannon," and "Monta In The Weird Milky Way." Each one brilliantly incorporates different animation techniques, including stop-motion, clay animation, and 2D animation

Pea Pea:

If you're searching for a series that combines innovative storytelling, stunning stop-motion animation, and a unique perspective on adventure, "Pea Pea" is your perfect pick. Produced by a passionate team of creatives, "Pea Pea" chronicles the journey of an adorable Martian named Pea Pea, lost on Earth and experiencing captivating adventures.

The series is a brilliant amalgamation of other-worldly charm and earthly relatability. Its humorous yet heartwarming narrative has created a ripple in the ocean of animated content, captivating both children and adults alike.

With its distinctive stop-motion animation technique, "Pea Pea" has transformed the way audiences perceive Vietnamese animations. The meticulous craftsmanship displayed in each episode adds a layer of authenticity that differentiates it from other animated shows.



"Wolfoo" introduces audiences to the life of a lovable wolf cub, Wolfoo, and his friends, exploring themes of friendship, empathy, and curiosity. The series utilizes traditional animation techniques, handcrafted with love and care, presenting a colorful and engaging world that captivates children and adults alike.


Monkey Cannon:

The short film Monkey Cannon is about the sincere and innocent friendship between a circus monkey and the young daughter of a circus owner. The 5-minute 3D film was elaborately produced by Animost Studio, contains more than 100 frames and was completed within seven weeks. The smooth movement and lovely character creation of the 5-minute film are easy to remind viewers of Disney animated movies. It is known that Monkey Cannon won the Gold award at the Digicon6 Vietnam contest in 2020 and also received a nomination for the Asia region award.


Monta In The Weird Milky Way:

The animated series Monta In the Weird Milky Way is about the monkey Monta, an apprentice chef in the Ultimate Chef's Universe kitchen. During a mischief, Monta accidentally created a mess of strange planets and he had to restore order in the galaxy. So Monta sets out with her friends to weird places to solve problems that are also weird. The series not only won the hearts of children, but even many adults loved it very much. 


Vietnam's animation industry is proving to be a powerhouse of creativity, transforming handcrafting techniques into moving narratives. These animated series, ranging from the stop-motion brilliance of "Pea Pea" to the 2D animation of "Wolfoo," represent the diversity and richness of Vietnamese animation. Each series is a testimony to the country's narrative prowess, artistic vision, and technical expertise.

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The Top Animated Series Made in Vietnam You Need to Watch: Pea Pea, Wolfoo and more

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