The Best YouTube Series for Kids to Learn About Science

The Best YouTube Series for Kids to Learn About Science

Learning science doesn't have to be complicated! Children are natural learners and are sure to enjoy learning science when they see its real-world applications. Therefore, the importance of using videos and animated content to bring science to life and turn it into engaging learning opportunities in and outside the classroom cannot be overstated.

YouTube is a treasure trove of educational video content that can be used both in the classroom and outside to optimize students' learning experiences. In this post, I'm sharing with you a collection of some amazing science YouTube channels that provide educational content tailored to the learning needs of children and young learners. Let's dive into the channels below to witness the magic of science.

1. SciShow Kids

SciShow Kids is an educational YouTube channel that aims to make complex topics easy to understand for young children. Founded by Hank Green, just like the Crash Course, this science YouTube channel is perfect for students in the third grade and below. Jessie and her robot rabbit, "Squeaks," host the show and attempt to answer questions posed by young kids. The channel primarily focuses on life science, covering topics such as animals, plants, and the human body. With its fun and informative videos, SciShow Kids is an excellent resource for parents and teachers looking to engage young children in science education.

2. Peekaboo Kidz

Peekaboo Kidz is an exciting YouTube channel that provides fun and educational content for children. The channel features a wide range of videos that are designed to entertain and educate kids, ranging from animated nursery rhymes and songs to colorful cartoon characters and interactive games.

Peekaboo Kidz is dedicated to promoting learning and development in children, with a focus on early childhood education. The channel's content is designed to help children learn important skills such as counting, alphabets, colors, and shapes, while also nurturing their creativity and imagination.

In addition to educational videos, Peekaboo Kidz also offers a variety of entertaining content for kids, including toy reviews, stories, crafts, and challenges. With its engaging and interactive content, Peekaboo Kidz is the perfect destination for kids to learn, play, and grow. Parents can trust that their children are in safe hands with Peekaboo Kidz, as the channel provides a safe and friendly environment for kids to explore and learn.

3. Kids Academy

KIDS ACADEMY is a fantastic YouTube channel that provides high-quality educational content for children. The channel's mission is to promote learning and development in kids, with a focus on early childhood education. KIDS ACADEMY offers a wide range of educational videos that cover various topics, including math, science, language arts, and social studies.

What sets KIDS ACADEMY apart from other educational channels is its unique approach to teaching. The channel uses a combination of animated characters, songs, and interactive games to make learning fun and engaging for kids. With its captivating content, KIDS ACADEMY helps children develop important skills such as critical thinking, problem-solving, and creativity.

4. Ryan's World

Come along with Ryan as he embarks on exciting educational adventures in science experiments and DIY arts and crafts. Ryan's YouTube channel features a variety of fun and engaging science experiments that children love, including popular videos such as How to Make Slime, How Tsunamis are Formed, Top Easy Science Experiments for Kids, and Physical vs Chemical Changes. In addition to science experiments, Ryan also loves to explore the world of arts and crafts, showing kids how to make their own creations. With Ryan's playful and informative style, children are sure to have a blast while learning new things.

5. Pea Pea

Pea Pea is a delightful animated character that takes children on an exciting adventure through space and time. As an alien from Mars, Pea Pea's curiosity knows no bounds as they explore the fascinating world of planet Earth. The Pea Pea animated series is crafted with claymation and stop-motion animation techniques, which create a unique and captivating visual experience for children.

What sets Pea Pea apart from other animated characters is its ability to entertain and educate children simultaneously. Children can laugh and enjoy the whimsical adventures of Pea Pea, while also learning about science and the natural world. The channel is a perfect destination for parents and teachers looking for a fun and engaging way to supplement their children's education. By inspiring children's natural curiosity and imagination, Pea Pea's adventures encourage a lifelong love of learning.

All of these science YouTube channels above are great resources for young learners, providing a fun, engaging, and accessible way to explore the world of science. Whether your child is interested in animals, space, or just loves to experiment, these channels offer a wealth of educational content that will spark their curiosity and help them develop a lifelong love of learning. Let's inspire the next generation of scientists and explorers by discovering the magic of science together!

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